The Best Leak Detection Methods for Your Home
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Signs of a leak can be obvious – pools of water are a sure sign as are spikes in your water bill. But that’s the first step in the process. To solve the issue, you have to identify the source of the leak and its location. However, some tools and equipment might be overkill depending on the severity and location of your leak.

Clearwater Leak Detection has a variety of tools that we use to find leaks deep within walls, floors, or your yard. The eyeball test is always the best case scenario because it doesn’t require any further testing in most cases, but in the event the leak emanates from an out of reach area, we bring our thermal imagery testing gear to pinpoint the exact location of a leak so that repairs can be made.

If you have a roof leak or are worried about the effectiveness of your windows and doors, smoke testing can be used to find moisture and air leaks that cost you money and damage your home. Sewer and HVAC leaks are also detected using smoke testing.

Pools of water in your yard are a sure sign that there’s a leak somewhere between your house and the street (unless you have an irrigation system). No matter what’s causing the excess water, we can find the leaks and fix them without digging up the entire yard!

Clearwater Leak Detection’s services can save you time and money. If you suspect you have a leak, call us right away before the problem gets worse and further damage is done. Contact us today or give us a call!

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